Latest updates

05/11/19 17:09

Saturday will be crowded. If you're planning on coming, make sure to book your tickets in advance or come on Sunday. Once the maximum capacity of the venue is reached, we cannot allow more people to come in.

05/11/19 14:21

Order your masterclass tickets and diamonds before Wednesday 6/11, 23:59 because presale deals are ending!

02/10/19 13:25

The floor layout has just been updated! You can download the latest file via this link!

04/07/19 16:15

Looking for the floor layout? You can download the file via this link!

03/07/19 18:00

The wait is over. Order your tickets NOW!

20/06/19 14:45

There will be a LOT to discover at SITS this year, so you'll need your diamonds . You can preorder your diamonds with a 19+1 or a 37+3 discount in the ticket shop!

20/06/19 14:00

Are you going full SITS this year ? Grab yourself a Combi ticket and visit SITS two days in a row for only € 35,00!

20/06/19 13:00

Early birds can order their tickets before August 1 and only pay € 17,50 per ticket !

20/06/19 12:00

For the first time in 10 years, the admission price has gone up slightly . On location at the festival, you will now pay € 25 per person to enter the festival. But if you order your tickets online you'll be able to save 5 euro per ticket since you'll only pay € 20 .

20/06/19 10:00

As of this year, there are no more BOB tickets on offer. All visitors that enter the festival area need a General Admission ticket .

12/06/19 13:00

SITS will be implementing a completely new ticketing module this year! If you buy your tickets online, you will be able to pay with all the usual payment methods, and you will get your vouchers right away!

01/06/19 09:00

Preparations are taking place to launch Spirits In The Sky 2019 !